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Drama : Ya Solihin Episod 11 & 13 RTM2


Hello :) ok ths is amazing,supossedly tonight i should be procrastinating doing stupid things sbb ada kerja important,but im doing this blogpost pulak..consider lah ni as kerja tp rasa xbersalah lah kan sbb xbuat yg penting hehe

Ok this post is something relatively new to me..coz i went to do some acting!!like real acting with scripts and professional ppl in the tv industry..erk!

I was approached by Fauzi Nawawi to act in his drama bersiri Ya Solihin for RTM2..xde lah semua just sampingan but it is a golden opportunity so y not kan?:) 

Syukur Alhmdulillah :) bertahun buat iklan xde lah buat yg scripted punye,mostly my acting jenis mild punye for corporate advertising ( Youtube : Sharifah Asyikin - previous jobs ) tp yg ni mcm susahh sgt sbb kena jd watak yg totally NOT ME!! πŸ˜…

So my watak is in Episode 11 and 13, kalau tgk kat youtube akan ada 3 parts so ill be in the 1&2 part,tp kat link ni lagi clear n full Of 40mins plus..tgk lah sini plzzzz!!πŸ˜πŸ™‹

ya solihin episod 11

Directed by Fauzi Nawawi,script by Lisdawati, and they're producers too..cerita ni byk unsur keagamaan..so Im acting as Ayu (yg tersangat ayu -konon),tukang jahit merangkap bestfriend to Lisdawati too..

yeay my name there! membantu je hehe

behind the scene 1

So nak dijadikan cerita, a Chinese guy yg sangattttt handsome named Korie ( Ng Hun Shen ) ☺️☺️☺️ came to my shop to deliver barang jahitan n once he saw me he fell in love with me..hahaha..prob coz im sweet liddat 😁 but on ayu's term i should be blushing malu2 lah hehe.. (Adoi susahnya) so kita pun bercinta tp berlandaskan syariat n so he tried to convert to Islam tp ada prob lah this n that..n atlast berjaya gak dpt suami muallaf yg baik n handsome!!😍😍 (beranganlerr)

handsome nye lah Ng Hun shen ni kann..haip he's gonna be my husband ( in the show!! :P )

Shoot was done in Kuala Selangor,jauh tuh but i managed to drive myself there twice and masya allah tempat tuh mmg lawa ada sawah padi bagai tp panas sgt..first time berlakon Fauzi konon nak bg relax lah konon,buat montage tgh bercinta n dating lah..tp dia g pasang lagu mewangi akim tu n suruh bercinta byk tempat..malu nyeeeee..i knw u mmg nak bully i fauzi erk! But Shen was really sporting so it went easy alhmdulillah..ye lah sbb selalu jadi mak mak dlm iklankan ttbe kena ngorat bercinta jenis ayu gitu blushing lahh i :)

so my sister watched me n she got excited saying that i looked like my umi hehe..tp umi ofcourse lagi lawa la,im tembammmm!!

So try lah tgk kalau rajin,n plz do comment on my acting ya here..still an amateur tau,but i hope i cn improvise in the future..there r few scenes in there did by me so do watch throughout the whole episode ok! Ada byk lagi actor actress hebat like Uqasha Senrose and Syawal Af and many more n percayalah bukan je ada positive impact, but lawak n sedih everythg too :P 

ayu-nyerrr... NOTTTTT!!! 

So ppl asked me do i want to get into acting setelah sekian lama buat emcee je?☺️ Boleh try,In sha allah if the role is suitable..bukan xnk buat dari dlu but i thought im stiff and susah but rupenye ok-lah,working with Fauzi n Kak Lis diorg ni relax sgt but really professional buat kita rasa segan n nk perform yg terbaik kan..lg diorg humble n shared good advice so i was sooo happy doing it..

Pastu masa tu lah kenal dgn the boys that did the program - The Xtreme Stunt Team by Fauzi Nawawi,mcm2 hal layan diorg ni klaka ada,gile ada pening kakin melayan je karenah comel diorg ni but last2 yg tinggal only me je sbb tahan kena bully hahahha..tq safwan n chaoi power  n eddy cutler n faiz smartjitsu n azlym n Fad Anuar and Faizal Honda lg tambah dh pyro girls Jaja n Tasha ( semua Sharifah hahahah πŸ’ͺ)..u can contact them thru me or use instagram Fauzi Nawawi if u want to look for their stunt act for events etc ok,gila gempak and even ada pyro technic skills too! ( baru ni mentor millenia 2016 final Fareez- Hazama ada diorg acting in it,terer wa cakap lu!!! )

Behind the scene 2

Speaking of them, i wanna congratulate Fareez Hazwan again for winning the Mentor Millenia 2016..im so proud of u and u r really lucky n deserve it,and syukur ur parents and the Xtreme Stunt Team byk support even Hazama was a really good mentor to u!Guess it's the best present for Fauzi Nawawi's birthday!!

I wanna upload that post but xsempat lah,nxt time ok☺️ But im one of their gimmick support team masa final tuh,sekejap je hehe as Hazama's err..gf?gundik? Hahahah apa2 lah tp xde bde sgt pun..but the story is THEY WON!! alhmdulillah

See the loving couple Fauzi Nawawi n Kak Lisdawati :) and with the team n ofcourse dgn Fareez Hazwan yeay ( nasib baik lah muda awak ni Fareez, kalau x kakin dah target jadi menantu Fauzi dah hahahaha ) plus tgk lah Safwan, tu lah jahat lagii kan dah jadi gila!

Ok thts it..id like to say my thanx to Eiz Pm, Ummi,Eddy Pm, Fatihah,Xtreme stunts team (and all the unmentioned here) and of course Fauzi n Kak Lis for this wonderful opportunity..mcm once in a lifetime je,tp kalau ada lagi offer in sha allah boleh try lagi..watak supporting pun xpe ah janji duit halal kan?:) i get to network and know more people in the industry of filming,syukur dah :) 

So make sure ull watch Ya Solihin on the web and youtube too,aired already on Tv2 January baru ni..so baru dpt copy..p/s to ppl yg tanya asyik berlakon matiiii ( drama lain- 2x ok,erk) je hahahha..nah kali ni kin ada berlakon bercakap punye ok..tp skit je lah..tumpang crite org😁 

Ok then..tq tq n plz wish for me to have more time to post lagi sbb nk delete all the pics in this hp/camera/laptop😩😩😩 

salam syg dari ayu 😘 ☺️
-Sharifah Asyikin-

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