Friday, 22 February 2013


Didnt I Promised myself to hv this blog written in Malay???!!!:/ *pissed of*

Tetibe terganggu tdo..tu lh,bila kita berfikir di dalam bahasa Inggeris,maka secara tidak langsung kita akan bertutur dan menulis di dalam bahasa tersebut:p written english suxx..big time!!think it's my grammar prob skit nih..yg terror in my family is my lil sis..Yeen..(loll bodek sket harap dia baca hahaha) imagine the other day she asked me to check her report on Syria's issues!!


Dia pegawai PTD lahhh..mesti lah english terror..sheesh..n tht topic is smthg tht ive nvr bothered to learn nor study..syria??!!my degree pun x cover tuh..cettt

Back to my topic.lah.ok kena practise more in English..but not in this blog lah..will try lah ye.xjanji:p penting sbnarnye utk masa depan,tp xmesra alam rasanya..n itd b embarassing if my grammar semua salah..hmmm *malu*

Need to sleep but i cant.mulalah merapu.

BM lah..cintailah bahasa kita..:)

Withhhhhhhhhh... some casual writings in English:p sorrryyy:) tq!!



P/s : wht do u think,In Malay,or English?:(

Getting ready for the Emcee job!!

Hey all!!!:)

Arent u feeling strange tht im posting smthg here early in the morning?!;)

Well yeah act i hvnt slept yet,had a tiring day yesterday but it was fun as i was bz with another rehearsal for another wedding job..

So yeah..tonight is another wedding job as an emcee for me,n im really2 excited as ths is somewhat diff..but nways all weddings tht i went to r all diff (as in ada own identity) and beautiful pun,no doubt..esp the one tht i handled as their Master of Ceremony..*hint hint hahaha*

Okeh,im gonna get some nap as there r still tons of thgs to b prepared later..perhaps i shall update this blog nanti2 about ths beautiful wedding tonight..dah ngantuk dah..:(

But wish me luck ya!!Insy Allah ill try to perform at my best!


P/S: I simply ADORE weddings!!!!!!!!:)


Seriously,bukan senang nak jadi Pengacara Majlis / Emcee / Master of Ceremony utk majlis perkahwinan,keramaian atau event..byk benda yg selalu org amik mudah. Skrip majlis dan aturcara adalah 2 benda yang paling penting utk memastikan perjalanan majlis lancar..

Bersyukur sangat sbb walaupun bekerja sebagai freelancer,tp dpt byk tunjuk ajar dari mereka yang lebih berpengalaman Alhamdulillah :)

Thursday, 21 February 2013



I think this wld do for now..designing my blog..was delegating actually sbb rasanya mcm terkena writer's block ( lol,a blogging term tht ive just learned hahaha )

Anyway..still ill try to update whts needed for the design,funny enough a friend of mine, a Prof Doc teased me saying tht my template looks like a matress nye print:p hahaha he was only kidding but seriously i think yes it does pun LOL..well,agaknya sbb mmg slalu buat keje atas katil so ok lah tuh ;)

N ppl asked y "lipstick,rainbow,bunnies and fairies..literally"? Hmmm..these are just thgs tht i love *girlish girlish*

Nope my content wont be on these subjects sgt pun..but literally speaking,these lil thgs means a lot to love for fashion,makeup and beauty,cuddly animals,real life experiences etc,dreams,happiness and fantasies in which im trying really hard to make it real in life..

Moreover,this blog would b about me,my life and my work..and for you to enjoy,laugh together and learn whatever tht may b important to you,for i haveee so many good stuff :p tht i wld love to share with you..Insy Allah!

So bear with me,be nice as we r no diff from one another..and doakan yg terbaik utk kita semua k? :)

*So happy as things are working out nicely now,alhmdulillh..and bismillahi tawakallah* <3

Bliss,and blessed..
Miss Ashkeen
*smoochies* ;)

Monday, 18 February 2013



am i a Blogger now? am i? am i now?:P * excited tetibe hahahah*

hahahha...macam belom je..still an empty post and the design masih x cantik..yeah i knw the content is much more important,but...

tunggu eh..sbb tgh buta IT so lembab skit..and also im feeling kinda scared to write up a post..wpun byk plz bear with me kejap je k.

so plz dear readers and followers ( perasan hahhaha ) sabar kejap je.lemme try and settle thgs that has to be settled first dulu ya..

cant wait to blabber somemore to u in the next post LOL..for now,tq n TQ for even reading this !! :)


Bismillahi Tawakallah,
- Miss Ashkeen -