Sunday, 16 June 2013


heya peeps!

dah berbulan dah rasanya MissAshkeen x update this blog..
yup..3months exactly..missed me?? sesat tanya sorang2 mcm real loll

pindah rumah,sakit,bz n bz n what's new lahhh.. "bosan :P "

n suprisingly kin masih x publish lagi this new blog...n i wonderrrr y...hmmm

actually these past few months mmg xleh nak describe activities tht ive done,nak kata ada,xde,nak kata xde..ade pulak kan..

but bila hati ni dah tergerak balik nak bukak this blogspot..dapat pulak idea baru nak design new concept for this blog..sebelum ni comel2 je warna blog ni,mcm pastel2 but this theme dah tukar..agaknye dah tetibe tersedar dah tua kot ( macam real je )  hahaha..xde lah menarik sgt kan but this time rasa mcm nak stick to a few colors yg menarik.. u can see..main color is purple kann..n some green in it..but bukan fav color kin lah,,it has never,would ever n will ever be most unlikely for me to pick up this much as green resembles peacefulness etc but neyh..not me hahaha..but im inspired by the color that a peacock has..cantik kan?n peacock ( not my fav animal sgt,cats n rabbits ok! ) is a beautiful birdie yg ada feathers yg maha gorgeous! Maha Suci Allah, mmg cantik sgt..but again ppl say if u like peacock meaning ur personality is proud n perasan cantik..proud?nope not me,but perasan cantik tu..err...err...utk kerja lah ( justifying hahahahah )

n yet lately ive been really busy doing nothing..xtau nak ckp cane sebab semua slalu ni mmg simply a fast result nye performance..mcm event n such,,but this time yes still on events but it's taking some real time as ive managed to turn it into a real biz (insy allah ) so tgh bz with paperwork n systems n website etc..

websites..ntah pe keje skrg ni im into designing..not that creative mind u,but atleast im learning something new lah i think..nak upah org mmg boleh,tp ada few tht ive got to do..lg puas hati yes,buang masa sikit pun ye,tp jimat tu definitely..y not as im homebased right now..kan

alhamdulillah so far my kerja berjalan baik n has been approved by those agencies,n skrg kena kerja lagi keras lah nmpaknya..n website tuh mmg byk membantu sbb atleast x yah nak hire org utk buat maintanance kan?boleh adjust sendiri,tukar color n design n perhaps even the content im not limited by whatever those designers would gv me..seronokkk sgt bila tgk benda creative dlm otak ni berjalan..terealisasi,,cewah!

currently im working on 3 websites n other marketing tools,,rasa mcm accomplished je bila nmpk cantik n org tgk suka color n design alhamdulillah! pastu ade lah berangan lah pulak kan nak buat biz marketing tools..ceh konon..( but tgk org buat website ni skali bayar maintanance setahun x rugi ke eh? )

ok lah,.im simply blabbering stuff ni..still dunno what exactly m i supposed to be putting here on this blog sbb kin hardly kuar,hardly jumpe org n byk tido ( erk! ) n my sakit ni buat rambut habis rosak sbb stress..syg sbb potong dah but hehey new look ok lah nnti panjang kan?:)

k then gotta go..i promise to write more stuff..if it's boring to u well sorry then..for now this will just act as a diary of mine..hardly an interesting post but atleast ada post..maintain keje haippp!!


Lil' Miss Independent,Me

Sometimes in life we wont realize tht there r things tht we hv taken for granted..

And sometimes in life too kita xsedar tht we're turning ourselves into monsters..

Backmouthing,evil thoughts n evil mind creeping would slowly try n turn us into somethg more evil..

But, does it makes us better,or wht?

Esp in biz..and ure a girl..expected already tht it's gonna b a tough life,no?

Independence..u craved for it like crazy masa kecik2..but bila dh besar,worth it ke fighting for it?

I much as i wanna b independent..but in biz this term is defined differently..

Xharap kat org,xmintak kat org,xrely kat org,xmenyusahkn org..semua ni describes an independent person..but for an independent biz owner..then wht r the purposes of doing marketing,sales n promotion?

Nak majukan biz mmg kna ada byk biz may not be as big as urs..but im proud to work on it coz dependent on myself

But to promote the biz,even if the biz is on u urself,then perhaps really..maybe..i shld become more aggressive and xcpt sensitive..



People may not like u for who u r,or wht u r..but maybe they dont like u sbb they dont like u..issue sndri lah tuh..

But for biz..if they dont like ur biz,mesti ada sbb kn?competitor,kot?or maybe it's ur own fault for not handling the biz well..

2 things ive learned, that :

1) bitches r like business people,and likewise..they make great alliances,but they r ur competitors too!

2) being nice is good,being too nice nowadays would be construed as stupid as people would take advantage on u.

ye eh?might be true,but positive je lah doa kan yang terbaik ok :)

Im just blabbering..insecure..

Just wanna be better..

Tu je..