Tuesday, 5 May 2015

TvC : Uda Holdings Corporate Website

Another job i did for a corporate advertizing was for UDA Holdings Berhad..

Again it's not a TvC but apparently i need to place this post somewhere hence under this topic,sorry..

This job was meant for their new website which is Uda.com.my,by FM media..i think this was somewhat done last year towards year end..

u might already know and recognize some of the talents here too :) 

Managed to do this job together with Herleena,my junior in UM :) this pretty girl does part-time modeling too whenever she's free,and was also the 2nd winner of Pesona Nona 2008..mind u she's a real geologist,and really pretty too!

Job was done in half a day n my tasks were for their Leisure & Business pages,so the first one i had to wear a simple dress meant for 'relaxing by the pool',and the second one was for the business look.

Well u cant see my pic clearly there hehe..but yeah tht's me,facing the 'Director'!

Easy peasy and then we're done.Best of all i found out that my couz' husband
 ( Adilah) is my client too ( from the agency ) but we both felt somewhat familiar hearing each other's name when mentioned the first time,haha.

You can browse these pictures again at www.uda.com.my 

Working on this project amazes me as  there and then, i managed to discover a lot about this company! Did u know that Menara Dayabumi was built by them?:) 

Visit their webpages now..

And dont forget to find me in there too!!;)