Thursday, 21 February 2013



I think this wld do for now..designing my blog..was delegating actually sbb rasanya mcm terkena writer's block ( lol,a blogging term tht ive just learned hahaha )

Anyway..still ill try to update whts needed for the design,funny enough a friend of mine, a Prof Doc teased me saying tht my template looks like a matress nye print:p hahaha he was only kidding but seriously i think yes it does pun LOL..well,agaknya sbb mmg slalu buat keje atas katil so ok lah tuh ;)

N ppl asked y "lipstick,rainbow,bunnies and fairies..literally"? Hmmm..these are just thgs tht i love *girlish girlish*

Nope my content wont be on these subjects sgt pun..but literally speaking,these lil thgs means a lot to love for fashion,makeup and beauty,cuddly animals,real life experiences etc,dreams,happiness and fantasies in which im trying really hard to make it real in life..

Moreover,this blog would b about me,my life and my work..and for you to enjoy,laugh together and learn whatever tht may b important to you,for i haveee so many good stuff :p tht i wld love to share with you..Insy Allah!

So bear with me,be nice as we r no diff from one another..and doakan yg terbaik utk kita semua k? :)

*So happy as things are working out nicely now,alhmdulillh..and bismillahi tawakallah* <3

Bliss,and blessed..
Miss Ashkeen
*smoochies* ;)