Thursday, 3 March 2016

Hello 2016!


Syukur 2016 dahhhhhh :) 

Lama x bz bz sorry peeps..

Can i tell u briefly wht happenned to me all these while?of course i cannnnnn :p 

Sooo..towards 2016 ni ive tried to 'buang' nama MissAshkeen dah,sbb mcm confusing..ada fb nyorok nama mat salleh as a pseudonym,but ppl keep calling me Emily hahaha..xkesah lah tp most my social medias yg official dah guna nama Sharifah Asyikin u can search for me on Instagram and Facebook ya..

And then im also attached with Biotech.corp as one of their Image,Beauty and Communication trainer,specifically to help students from local Universities and Colleges to improve their soft skills utk masuk kerja nanti..ive done few works with Biotech.corp and in sha allah there'll be more.Prior to that i also offer personal grooming for men and women when needed,alhmdulillah..u can contact me if u do need help ya,in sha allah :) 

I have also gone serious with my own company,on event and trainings with the name of eveXasia- crafting X factor ideas (our tagline) so far alhmdulillah with my partner yg awesome!, we have managed to score few jobs,but of course we want to achieve more..doakan ya..n yes u cld contact us at if ud like to have us to handle ur event and trainings program..we r the training provider for softskills trainings,and even if there are trainers interested to join us,please do!

Iklan? Dah kurang skit..apparently ive gone thinner so ttbe bila casting managers looked for me for mother role (obviously) tp jadi susah sbb nampak cacat muda pulak..heyy lain kali panggil lah kin utk jadi bebudak :p rezeki apa2 halal ok je ok!

Then ive been super bz with Emcee-ing actually,for weddings and events..alhmdulillah i can see that these work that im doing are improving,and i get called repeatedly to handle any corporate companies' 2nd and more event of theirs lepastu alhmdulillah..let's hope there would be more,on this job,i work as a freelance so i can work with other event companies or direct too..

Lagi apa eh,ada lh lagi small projects,like ive said earlier mana2 rezeki halal ok je,sebab nk jadi kaya kan hehe..alhmdulillah its a constant job,been called a perfectionist when comes to work but im always approachable and love new ideas so syukur client senang hati :) 

Lagi?err..ttbe once in a blue moon,kalau org ada mood to call me for acting..yeayyy!! Ok sbnrnye bukanlah xpandai berlakon atau xminat ( PM If ure interested to hire me please! )tp adik2 muda lagi ramaiii berbakat n cantik2..kakin yg dah tua dah 35 ni (erk!) terasa sgt lah tua dan kecut haha..kalau lawa mcm Che Ta tu untunglah kann..

But yeah,berlakon ke apa ke is helping me to network and socialize more,good for my business..i noticed since getting busier ni mcm dah jadi loner dah..rumah bangi ni kalau nk turun kl for meetings before 10am mesti keluar sebelum kul 6,kalau x masakkk jamm!

So dah lah malam x tdo,siang kje terus blk dh penat kalau xsempat mmg tdo dlm keta je,byk kali kena marah tp nak buat cane kalau x sebab awang (kucing hensem) mmg dah lama dah tggl sewa kat kl..n because of my sugaraboh too,hehe..

So itu je,i hope this month and coming months ahead will be a productive one for me,in sha allah..and ada masa utk update berlambak blogposts here for u ok :) 

Keep updated,thank you for reading..haha..cheers!

Sharifah Asyikin

P/s : last pic sbb tension,matilanakkkk nk upload byk posts!😂