Sunday, 16 June 2013

Lil' Miss Independent,Me

Sometimes in life we wont realize tht there r things tht we hv taken for granted..

And sometimes in life too kita xsedar tht we're turning ourselves into monsters..

Backmouthing,evil thoughts n evil mind creeping would slowly try n turn us into somethg more evil..

But, does it makes us better,or wht?

Esp in biz..and ure a girl..expected already tht it's gonna b a tough life,no?

Independence..u craved for it like crazy masa kecik2..but bila dh besar,worth it ke fighting for it?

I much as i wanna b independent..but in biz this term is defined differently..

Xharap kat org,xmintak kat org,xrely kat org,xmenyusahkn org..semua ni describes an independent person..but for an independent biz owner..then wht r the purposes of doing marketing,sales n promotion?

Nak majukan biz mmg kna ada byk biz may not be as big as urs..but im proud to work on it coz dependent on myself

But to promote the biz,even if the biz is on u urself,then perhaps really..maybe..i shld become more aggressive and xcpt sensitive..



People may not like u for who u r,or wht u r..but maybe they dont like u sbb they dont like u..issue sndri lah tuh..

But for biz..if they dont like ur biz,mesti ada sbb kn?competitor,kot?or maybe it's ur own fault for not handling the biz well..

2 things ive learned, that :

1) bitches r like business people,and likewise..they make great alliances,but they r ur competitors too!

2) being nice is good,being too nice nowadays would be construed as stupid as people would take advantage on u.

ye eh?might be true,but positive je lah doa kan yang terbaik ok :)

Im just blabbering..insecure..

Just wanna be better..

Tu je..