Tuesday, 8 March 2016

MissAshkeen : Sharifah Asyikin's Portfolio 2016

Bismillahhirahmannirahim :)

Ok so i just need to update my portfolio here for a while,sebab baru buat sendiri so happppy sgt :)


ok it's not actually a resume but consider it as a creative portfolio ya, sebab tukar dari dulu punye style..tapi if u noticed gambar masih x updated, mmg xde gambar professional baru too bz to do so :( but alhamdulillah ada dah plan for it..

Since my vids and my website is still under editing, this is the only portfolio i could come up with for emcee, but for tvc and others xsempat lagi.. still i need to inform that i have my portoflios in these online site :

Instagram : Sharifah.Asyikin

Facebook : Sharifah Asyikin

Youtube :  Sharifah Asyikin's Compilation Portfolios

Bookings : evexasia@gmail.com

Btw ada orang txted me so i still do photography modeling? ok actually bukan xnk buat, selain busy,im sorry to do jv style macam dulu maaf sangat xsempat nak buat and anyways kita semua buat business kan;) let's deal properly, a token is still acceptable sbb gambar cantik2 ni i knw memang susah nak edit i really appreciate ur hard work, but atleast kita semua cari rezeki kan, kang i lagi kurus kang lagii susah nak cari makan sbb xde gaji hehe :P

So that's it..still nothing tahap bawah lagi..byk nak kena belajar as a corporate emcee in this industry, but if people want to hire me, pls note that i do annual dinners and lifestyle events too, but my strength are more to creating valuable and informative content,coordinating and adjusting my approach according to client's needs too..be it serious ( low tone ) or soft with my normal voice or high or direct approach, i really need to meet clients as much as possible so i can perform and be guided  to ur wishes too :) baru lah x awkward kan..i learned a lot from my experiences and thx to Pesona Nona Tv3 that has taught me to be versatile ( i really hope so ) when conducting events..

I had people saying that im too serious,more likely being professional tho for corporate events like launches and conferences.. but actually im hyper too ( i might have adhd remember haha ) and of course as a girl im soft too, u can judge me from my previous blogpost on how i write, thats how i am in real life..

But frankly speaking, as i grew older umur 35 ni ( suka mention jadi kakak hahah) ive said and reminded myself again and again that doing corporate emcee and trainings would be the best path for me in the long run.. so i am funny and sweet ( if u think so tq haha) but in work im really serious and its necessary to be of that too,dont u think.., tp adjusting to clients needs lah..and my target for lifestyle events ( annual dinners n such ) bukan xde offer,alhamdulillah ada but i constantly needed to remind clients often that i as much as i can perform and also can be entertaining, but im not a pelawak terkenal tu..and maybe rezeki org lain yang lebih berbakat to perform as the client's emcee..rezeki Allah kita kongsi je xde masalah in sha allah..

Content for lifestyle events aint heavy like conferences and such,sure it's fun,sure id loveee to do so but i hope my skills can be polished more for corporate matters, in sha allah..i bet if ppl really knw the hyper me,menyesal diorg kang hahaha..so now kita control ayu je lah yeee kalau boleh :P #matilanak

As for the emcee jobs, lately clients suka hire me to do in english,hmmm..not that good but can learn still :) but probably sebab jarang ada malay emcee buat corporate AND murah still compared to all the celebrity emcee..tu je kot :) even for weddings..so much to learn im really anxious yet excited too!

So itu je lah,i need to get ready,turun kl jam sebelum 6.30 pagi :( few meetings today in sha allah itll be fruitful doakan ya :) so i managed to do 2 blogposts, and updated my fb too!

Tq for reading, tau.. remember, as much as ure in the entertainment industry, but still it takes hard work,guts and perseverance to really ace on this competition of life,,may not all be about fame but since the life is already in this path we'll just make do with what we can ya..

as my friend Mr Munir said : DUIT : Doa,usaha, ilmu dan tawakal .. so inspiring, tq munir :)

Salam,subuh dah..ttyl

Sharifah Asyikin