Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Baik atau "pandai"?:)

Salam  :)

Tetibe hari ni, masa tgh musim demam2 tp kena buat kuat gak ( haha),a thought lingered on my mind thinking of something nice for us to reflect,and think of..

Baik,atau "pandai" (literally)?:) 

Nowadays everybody needs to survive,yup..no matter who u r,or what u r,we do need to survive in order to continue our life as a human on earth..n for the hereafter..

But how far have we tried to improve ourselves in order for us to b able to make a living?

Nowadays ramai org pesan supaya hati-hati..u never know who ur friends are..sampailah bila dah susah baru leh tau..

N what about money?hati-hati,org ckp..kawan boleh jadi lawan,waima adik beradik pun leh pecah belah bila x hati-hati..

When it comes to my line of work,yep,value is very important,n so is network..so how far wld i go,or anybody in my line yg sanggup sacrifice everythg just so boleh upgrade oneself for a better life?

I dunno.ive bn up n down,n i thought i knew it all..but i was wrong,yup.there r more things in life that i need to learn which i think ok lah..if that needs to..

Ckp pasal isu baik atau "pandai" ni..tiba-tiba satu kakak ni ckp,

"kin,dr azizan yg kaya raya tu pun xbg service free semuanya pada org ramai..sebab dia tau,org xkn appreciate benda free.Benda yang dibayar sbb nk kn ilmu ni bila org berusaha cari duit nak bayar baru diorg hargai.N that,is smart thinking."

Pk pk balik..betul gak kn?

Ive always done n given free stuff,n share ape yg boleh bila org mintak tlg..bila mampu lah..dengan harapan in sha Allah lh hasil nya nanti baik-baik je..either for business,or for my own self developement.

Even then,whatever tips that i hv in this blog pun is foc,for everyone to share( dengan harapan membantu lah gak in sha allah )..xde masalah.im sure of it n if u wanna read it,n share it,so much ya :) 

So do i feel satisfied bila buat gitu?i think i do.alhmdulillah.xde hasil pun xpe.tp yg mnerima tu xtau lh kn.tapi ada terasa x bila benda baik diharapkan xterjadi?sadly,yes..xleh deny lah kn.

But byk kes dgr org jd guarantor last-last bancrupt sbb org yg amik loan tu xnk byr,org yg baik pegang amanah last-last dianiaya.Orang yang bagi service dulu dgn harapan payment yg dah diakad akan dilaksanakan tapi akhirnya ditindas,org yang niat buat baik dipandang serong sebab tiba-tiba timbul hasad,org yg mintak advise sbb nak maju tiba2 sombong tanpa sebab..

Kenapa jd mcm tuh?

Xpercaya?insecure?atau mmg dlm diri ada sikap yang x baik?

Kindness has been construed as stupidity,abah kept telling me.n he would tell me that often than im stupid enough to be too kind sebab lps tuh kna tipu.

Id ignore tht but then,this life is..too hard pulak jadinya nak percaya bila tetiba benda baik jadi x baik,esp when ive tried to be nice.n that made me sad.

Tell me,hv i bn too nice,or too "smart"??!

Im sure not yg it's just me yg experience benda ni,sure u do too..

Come on guys,let's try to b better,can we?

Afterall i keep telling myself n my loved ones (talents n friends n business partners) that our competitor is ourselves.ure not competing with anyone actually,whether ure a model,or a photographer,or even if ure a doctor or working under the same building with another people,holding the same positions.

Ive never liked politics n so ive never worked for real for a company, as much as i can with the degree that i have either in that field or any other kind of work that can use my degree,n walaupun dianggap bodoh sbb a degree in geology has a very high value in the market nowadays, i knw,i might have pulled myself down even more bila berhadapan dengan org2 yang negative nih.

Hello.im not a nice person too.i dont need to justify pulak lah kn tht im this or that.

But im just sad.sbb org skrg x reti appreciate free stuffs,for real.a simple gestures like saying tq,or even a smile or saying sorry kadang-kadang dah cukup sbnarnye.

N if ure that type of person yang suka nak menang je,org lain semua salah,hmmm..if u still think that life works that way for u..ok :) 

But jgn blame org lain bila thgs doesnt go ur way.or cari gaduh.or pg burukkan lg.or even worse pg sihirkan org tu sebab dendam yg tersangat.

Plz.xperlu.if u respect urself,first..ull respect others eventually,n likewise..ok :) 

Im sure everyone or anyone,xkira kaya miskin cantik ke or tinggi ke or nampak bahagia ke is actually happy,maybe ada yg ada perfect life alhmdulillah but xmungkin each one of us mungkin ada masalah dgn life etc kan..but as long as we hv faith n usaha lebih n xnyusahkan org lain dan most importantly berdoa n bertawakal  xmustahil masalah to boleh diatasi..percaya lah k :)

And so,to me,apa yg diakad akan diclaim.this is biz..

If it's for free,take it,lucky u,lucky me :) 

The least i can benefit from this is ill get to learn how to b better.


Atleast i knw how that person is like in the end.sng je.lps ni,senyum je lh.jgn lebih-lebih :) 

Xyh pening kepala.Allah ada :) 

I dunno bout u,sorry lah kalau terasa ke ape.but expressing one's feeling is never wrong,kan,bagus gak bila bercakap hal ni..

m not the type that gets emotional anymore,xperlu nak emo bagai pun kan, tp bila bercakap hal ni i really think that we need to defend ourself,n speak up when u need to.trust pun is very important,cukup2 lah nak percaya semua org..xsemua org boleh kita percaya sbnrnye,which is good sbb kawan n kawan biz mmg lain bezanya..ive learnt my lessons,n ive suffered for 5 yrs n this...ill nr allow anythg to happen again or block my way in the future,in sya allah..

ok so this is my post.im blabbering.yes i knw.haha.but inilah topic yg selalu dibincangkan nowadays selain dari ckp pasal keje. hidup bukan kat dunia je..so plz let us all be better ya..amin :)

Sharing is caring.Im just sharing my opinion here,in my blog,so forgive me if ure thinking differently,thx :) 

Just kp calm,n smile :) salam