Wednesday, 1 January 2014

MissAshkeen is Sharifah Asyikin @ Emily Ashkeen!

It's obvious here that im stating my name as Miss Ashkeen here.


Ntah.Sebelum jadi Mrs,kot:p
Well maybe because i wouldnt know who's gonna be reading this post,adik ke,kakak ke,kawan ke,client ke..

my fav picture, Ugly Betty! :)

Adik2 (born 82 n above-aiyo im revealing my age,indirectly:p) would call me Kak Kin,as my lil siblings are of their age too,so this is considered proper-lah.

Ada yg xsuka panggil kak kin,even when i asked them to call me feel slightly,hmm..offended kekadang (sebab they were too blunt n rude )if they refused to,memang up to them,but ini adalah kata panggilan,if u cant respect other's opinion then shld we respect u back in return?:)

I wouldnt mind tho selalunya,as long as ure behaving n respectful of others.Coz im trying to be the same too..xde beza sgt pun panggilan kakak,puan,datin ni.

But plz note that etiquette is very important actually,so dont downgrade urself by not respecting others,ya :)

So back to my the story.

On FB i hv 2 accs,one of it is Emily Ashkeen..another one is Sharifah Asyikin.Emily's acc ni lebih lama guna sejak FB ni baru start,so mostly ni mmg acc for friends and err,family (the chosen ones!!!) lah..Sharifah Asyikin utk kerja yg serious,strangers n clients.Senang tak bercampur.Tgk mood.

It's not easy to share ur network all together in one acc,kan?Jadi leceh as people could judge who u r,n what ure not.Im quite suprised that people added me on both accs,tp xnk borak xnk tegur.Takat add collection je eh?:( Jom lah berkawan secara berhemah,MissAshkeen x sombong,pemalu je :P

ni bukan muka sombong,ni muka tgh tido :P

Emily.Y Emily?

Emily is not me.Simply changed it to Emily Ashkeen sebab xnk strangers add pelik2.Believe me,n it sure has happenned to you too,yg org yg add ni ramai pelik2.So Emily is just a pseudonym that i used to 'coverup my identity in this big virtual world'.LoL

Emily was (sad!) of the name of my dear bunny dulu.Since i loved her so much hence i put her name there.But ramai pulak dah panggil my name Emily.Thanx!:p (perasan org putih jap) haahaha.

Ashkeen pulak.hmm.A SH Keen..logic kn?n it's a combination of somethg special too.Yg ni mls nk crite:p

M i doomed for revealing both my FB acc??(perasan hhaahaha) xlah,benda kat FB ni MissAshkeen xde settings atau crita yg private,memang xkn selamat if post those stuff kan?

Sometimes id come up with numbers (great at Maths,or Money?!;p ) gak atau smthg else.Selalu if people added me on acc lain,tetibe pelik ada numbers keluar mcm IP address.LoL

So my real name is Sharifah Nurul Asyikin.Ada 3 family name whch r Al-Qudsi,Al-Habsyi n Al-Yahya.Yup,both of my parents are 1st cousin.Dulu i used Al-Qudsi in my name (but xde dlm IC) sebab byk Clan tanya,but now dah buang org misused it.Biasalah tuh.

Nama je panjang tp org badan kecik je.LoL.Selalu kna soal y xde nama my dad xde dlm IC.X muat.Sbb his name pun panjang gak.N i dnt hv 2nd IC mcm org lain slalu buat.

So people call me Sharifah,or Nurul or Syikin or Keen/Kin/Kak Kin either or,terpulanglah nak panggil yang mana berdasarkan daripada nama yang MissAshkeen benarkan :)
Xde singkatan pendek nama panggilan atau nama nak ejek plz.Malas nk lyn.

Me being fuuny n perasan cute ( ceh). But i am funny,i think so :P

Perhaps i shld stick to just one name,selain Sharifah Asyikin.My name is my pride but it's too,serious.I think.N many more reasons.

Now that u knw both my acc's name,plz dont add me on both acc.Sebab basically it's almost the same post (yg related) on each acc bergilir2,just to be fair.Bila tetibe tgk byk mutual friends,malas pulak nk update both.Lucky me if u liked both posts but neyh xpyh lh susah2,buat semak kat Home je kan? :)

I want to be everythg but becoming a stewardess is not my option(ketot uwarghh),ni baju Kak Emma (Oman Air),taken by Abg Rid Morat.Loved it!

Im trying to stick to Miss Ashkeen lps nih,tp nk biasakan tulis MA (mcm mama?:p) masih x biasa lg,so it's either kin,or I or pe2 yg Id feel like naming myself lah :)

Will change my name yg Emily tuh.Byk sgt fav pets that i loved.Karang tukar2 pening lak.

Heheyy,r u reading this till the end?????!!!:p hehehe sorry lah.merapu lg.

Pakai baju Hello Kitty tapi berangan kat butik Michael Kors,Oh well :P

Atleast i dont preach or complained or being a keyboard warrior here:p So mind u plz dont be one too,ya?:)

1) respect others,whtever they wanna be called,just follow,unless nama poyo atau yg u cant take it lah;)

2) stick to one name,who knws that cld be a brand to u nanti?:) im hvg trouble deciding one to yg susah tuh hahaha

3) privacy matters.yup it does.if u r getting into somebody else's spaces,make sure tht ud hv their permission dulu.N appreciate it.

4) Again on privacy matters,dont simply assume that people wld give u what u want from Handphone Numbers!! I dont gv out mine easily for whtever reasons that i may hv,sorry lah ok.
So if u really need to get hold of someone do ask what is the best way to communicate with them.Plz dont ask for my numbers or my WeChat/Whtsapp/Viber acc asap unless hal kerja,ada email n FB etc (lps knal baru bg sbb keje baru sng nk crite kan)

5) Quit being a stalker.Amik tahu tu bagus,eratkan silaturahim n byk benda boleh belajar from each other,tp bila lebih2 tuh,if org dah xbls,rasa awkward etc tu then u knw maybe it's time for a change,ok!

Siap ada conclusions lg hahaha.Ni nak cover lah so post ni x nmpk vain/xde motif sgt.Sorry again!

Night from Miss Ashkeen:)


P/s : Shld start to not to say Sorry eh? :)