Saturday, 28 December 2013

Year End!!!

Aaaaaand I'm back!!!

New layout,pink in general with girlish theme n such..rasanya ni kali ke 4 i changed my blogspot theme..

Springcleaning,id say..a libra (yes,me) couldnt work in harmony bila tmpat dia messy n scattered..same goes to this blog..hilang mood nak menulis bila rasa xbest n sepah..

my first ever  name design dulu..those captions dah x guna dah!
Last logged in by July,tht was 6mths back..lama n such as whts new lah?:)
then jadi mcm ni pulak,guna jap dulu then i got bored,tukar lagi!
Apparently nak year end,so my resolutions for ths year considered yup..accomplished gak..but still byk lg kna amend n usaha lg bg better..wait,belum hujung tahun lagi so we'll talk bout this later later!!

So basically uve seen my new theme here on ths blogspot,wht do u think?:) main tibai je design again looking for the best color to describe lah jugak,my favs are purple,pink n red but then pyrple nmpk mcm gloomy not fresh n red is too..garang?mcm sakit mata this time i chose pink again,simple,n u cn say it's girlish n sweet..tq!

N yes i have a box describing me n my favs n such right next to this post on the right ud knw exactly whts exactly gonna be the stuff tht id be so keen to talk about here!

Oh btw,plz dont ask me hw dd i design n setup ths blog,ni kje amateur nih,malu nk explain mcmmana,main tibai blajar sikit2 by googling n reading stuff pastu letak creativity sikit2..ok lh kot..otak dh beku nk blajar IT stuff nih,jealous tgk those youngsters yg pandai design blog etc!

thought my basic design nak mcm ni tp tetibe ada org ckp mcm mattress,cis!
Back to my story,I hope by year end this blogspot boleh lh dipublish sbb dah buat few materials (lama kan) the fear is still there..visiolibriphobia (urban dictionary)means fear of the social media,in my case posting smthg on my thoughts for u all here on ths kna isi dulu byk bnda,ive done so many stuffs n events etc nk upload kat FB pun bila sempat je..hmmm

gimme ideas peacok theme yg guna dulu,tp rasa gloomy..

better version used,still guna peacock theme tp dah tukar dah,rasa tiap 6 bulan memang akan jadi terlebih rajin design blk wallpaper blogspot ni!

Frankly speaking,yeah..even facebook pun dah xtau apa nk tulis,leh tulis bnda bila ada mood je,n when i really dont care if ppl would judge,scared?;) yeah i am..hahaha

Ppl r being negative nowadays..i dunno..maybe sbb dh stress mcm2 lg bill naik lah toll naik lah semua barang get deeply affected when i read all these negative posts on fb,smpai im left speechless xtau nk tulis apa..judgemental,keyboard warriors lah n mcm2 lg u name it.. :( 'scary'

But life goes on kan,moving to a new place made me realized tht my lifestyle has changed,masih mcm dracula cant sleep at night but then my mentality dah makin exposed,n makin rasa nk explore stuff although being here is is diff..rasa limited skit unlike kl but hehey it's ok..byk pulak free time since nak turun kl jauh so ada many thgs ive learned on my own,for good!:)

N yes,rasanya sbb factor duit kot,everybody tht i knw (almost everyone i must say) in my Fb has started a page promoting their biz,n ths scares me quite a lot i must say..imagine kita yg part timer ni pun menggagau nak create n survive a living,n yet those who works fulltime leh ada masa pulak to have a part time job (mostly on small businesses)..betul2 respect with u guys yg buat kerja 2 dlm 1 ni..rezeki Allah byk n bila usaha In Sha Allah dtg kan?:)

N again my main concern is not about money sgt,yes everybody needs money tipu lah if u dont,but satisfaction tu penting gak have worked as wht my degree has granted me to b,but i dont hv the passion on tht so agak syg..mcm lg susah sbb i cant rely on my degree to make BIG money but Alhamdulillah so far sbb rezeki meniaga ni rasanya cukuplah..xlah mewah but ok lh..m not tht type yg lavish on stuff ok lah..syukur..wht else cn i say?

But if i hv my own kids someday,id def try not to be so serious on them,determining their life to be this or tht,id tolerate them nicely n yes they can pursue their dream,but be sure that it's halal n make sure ull make money out of it n ure happy n ure sure whtever ure doing would go loooong term..susah nk paksa anak lg2 zaman skrg if i become a mother (umi) doa mak ni slalu yg terbaik so In Sha Allah menjadi lah :)

So glad tht both my parents r still supportive of whtever im doing..though they did confessed their dissapointment for not becoming a geologist,but in the end they knew yg wht im doing ni is wht ive always wanted to do dari kecik lg..

There goes my rambling today subuh2 ni hahahha..bila mlm otak laju je..wpun lg sng nk menulis but bl xdraft btol2 points habis semua benda on my mind nk tulis!

Ok lh..ill stop here.. :) phew!

Night sweets,
bunny kisses n rainbows,

Miss Ashkeen

p/s : what r ur new year resolutions?:) im trying to make one n sticking to it,hopefully menjadi throughout the whole year!